About Amistad Chapel

Amistad Chapel
Amistad Chapel graces the first floor of the national offices of the United Church of Christ, the Church House at 700 Prospect Avenue East in the Historic Gateway Neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

Surrounded by restaurants, stores, offices, major league sports venues and a world-class theatre district, the Church House is set in the midst of a city experiencing new life and remarkable transformation. Through the Amistad Chapel, the United Church of Christ is in ministry to its own “neighborhood,” the city of Cleveland, and to everyone who comes through its doors.

A place of marvelous beauty:  From the sound and feel of water the moment you step through its doors, to the magnificent canopy of light and glass overhead as the community gathers at the wooden table that calls us to the feast of God, to a stone floor and the walls that sweep through the space…there is nothing quite like this place in all of the city.

A place of prayer: in the midst of busy downtown Cleveland, you can stop in for a few moments of quiet reflection, or join us for worship that will feed your soul and send you out into the world refreshed and renewed.

A home for wonderful music: with a magnificent new Yamaha Grand CX-3 piano, a Bedient "tracker" pipe organ, and a digitally equipped Hammond Model 926, and many fine UCC musicians to play them, worship in the Amistad Chapel is enriched and enlivened by the gift of music.

A place that  tells a story:  its architecture (design) and furnishings remind us of the 19th-century ship, La Amistad, and the captives it carried, whose struggle for freedom – “a story of faith and courage at sea” – inspired our Congregationalist forebears to stand with them in the fight against slavery. Their story continues to inspire the United Church of Christ today in its witness for justice for all who are oppressed or marginalized in any way.

A sanctuary for all:  Amistad Chapel is both a sacred place for the spiritually hungry and a safe space for all who seek refuge in the all-embracing love of God.

Learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Amistad.